What We Do

The primary aim for our working group ‘Close the Data Gap: Gender Equity in Transport Research’ (CtDG) is to create an equitable future for all by closing the gender data gap that currently exists in transport research. To achieve this, current research practice will be reviewed at each phase of the research lifecycle. This will provide an understanding of the steps that are required for gender equitable research outcomes, and the barriers that need to be overcome. We are working to ensure that internal systems will prompt researchers at key stages in their research practice to consider gender equity. We are also compiling transport specific guidance on how research projects may impact gender unfairly. In addition, we are collaborating with external transport groups campaigning for equity and raising awareness of representing gender in research using social media, articles, and presentations.

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Our Objectives: The Four R’s 

  • Review 

We will review research practices by looking at each stage of the research lifecycle. This will identify where barriers exist and where gender equity currently is or could potentially be, highlighting where shifts in practice can be made towards gender mainstreaming. 

  • Raise awareness 

We will raise awareness, both internally and externally, about the importance of equitable data collection and analysing and reporting data with gender in mind. Awareness will be raised using social media campaigns, collaborating with other transport equity groups and presenting at relevant forums.

  • Role model

We want to role model our commitment to equitable research outcomes by acknowledging the barriers in our own research and acting on opportunities to create research with gender equitable outcomes. These gender equitable research outcomes will be presented through conferences, publications, research supervision, and reviews.  

  • Research guidance 

We will provide research guidance for achieving equitable research design, data collection, analysis, and reporting within the TRG and other internal forums. We will direct researchers towards existing best practice and offer practical guidance on working with internal structures such as Ethics, Research and Innovation Services (RIS), and PhD training and reporting. 


Close the Data Gap have worked on a number of projects and always have something in the pipeline. All projects are undertaken by ‘mini-teams’ of members in their own time, typically without any funding. If you would like to find out more about any of these projects, to collaborate with members, or join the group, please get in touch via our ‘group manned email’ mailto:CtDG-Info@groups.soton.ac.uk or contact Kirsten Madeira-Revell directly.

Journal & Conference Papers – raising awareness, providing guidance, understanding the complexity of the problem.

PhD training – educating new researchers in engineering and transportation so they start their careers with a gender equitable mindset.

Guest Lectures– Explaining gender equitable practices to Engineering and Transport undergraduate students.

Social media – raising awareness of the issues and role modelling what we are doing in our own practice to ‘close the gender data gap’.

Art Exhibition – engaging the community with the issues and bringing gender equitable thinking in transportation to a new audience. Starting conversations and normalising the discussion of gender related issues in active travel, the use of public transport, and how technology plays a part in this.

Special issue of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries on ‘Closing the gender data gap in Human Factors research’

In House Events – communicating internally through meetings and seminars to educate those we work alongside.

Guest speaking – talks and presentations for interested parties and groups on the issues, what can be done, and what we are doing.

Sharing resources to other groups within our organisations.

Collaborating with other groups within our organisations. We would love to work with other like minded groups or departments to share skills, perspective and extend our impact.

Blog – our members and guests tell us about what gender equity means to them and what they are doing in their corner of the world to close the gender data gap. If you’d like to do a guest blog – do get in touch!